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Dawn of War II: Tyranids At Play, and IRL Rhino

DOW2 was already looking like the RTS to get our collective knickers in a twist about, but the recent revelation of hot Tyranid action really sets our nerdish hearts a-flutter. Here they are in living technicolour, together with the game's (slightly nervous, bless his socks) Lead Designer Jonny Ebbert talking about the thinking behind them, and how Relic kept the 'nids' inclusion a secret all this time. They're "the most special race in the universe", apparently. I know I wouldn't call a Carnifex 'special' to his face. Oh, and their behaviour's inspired by Jurassic Park, oddly.

Video beneath the cut, plus photos of a real-life Rhino transport.

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The Tyranids will be this: awesome.

And more 40K geeking out: this time, a custom-made, life-size Rhino Space Marine transport, currently in construction to promote DOW2. Ooo!

It's a work in progress for now, but it's an ambitious modification of a 15 ton British FV432 tank, which will eventually be dolled up to contain a LAN setup and be painted in the tones of the Blood Raven chapter introduced in the first DOW. There are two construction diaries here and here, and a Flickr gallery here. I know I want a ride in it.

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