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Bonza! Day of Infamy adds Black Panthers and Aussies

You bloody ripper!

Yeah yeah, Call of Duty is returning to World War 2 but Day of Infamy [official site] is already there. Now developers New World Interactive (you might know 'em for Insurgency) have invited more people to the war, launching a free update adding soldiers including Scotland's Black Watch, the African-American Black Panthers tank battalion, and those rowdy Australians. Yesterday's update also brought one new maps, a new gun, and some other odds and ends to the WW2 FPS. To cap it all off, Day of Infamy is on sale right now too. Here, look at this bloody ripper:

The developers call this the 'Aussie Update' for adding Australia's 2/17th Battalion and 2nd Australian Imperial Force as well as their Owen Gun, though it also adds soldiers from the USA's segregated 761st Tank Battalion, Scotland's Black Watch, and Germany's 272nd Volks-Grenadier Division. Most of the soldiers need to be unlocked by ranking up, or alternatively by buying or trading for them.

As for the new map, that's Rhineland. It was created by a player and now it's official.

New World Interactive have also expanded the ranking system with extra ranks and a 'prestige' sort of system to start over on a new 'Tour' once you've reached the top.

Full patch notes are this-a-way.

Day of Infamy is £11.24/14,99€/$14.99 on Steam until June 1st. I've not had a crack myself but our Brendan enjoyed it when he played during its early access phase.

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