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Ever-Questin': Sony's MMOs Return

Sony had some sort of little problem recently, I hear. Why, someone even claimed that, following a serious security compromise, all of their PlayStation online services had been offline for about six weeks, but they've got to have been jerking my chain. There's no way a major technology firm could allow that to happen, surely. I mean, that would simply be absurd. Absurd.

Things are on the mend now, anyway. Sony Online Entertainment's MMOs - including Everquest II, Free Realms, DC Universe Online and Star Wars: Galaxies (I wonder if SWTOR will be the final nail in that ever-troubled coffin?) - have 'only' been offline since May 3, but have today sputtered back to life alongside PSN.

If you play any of 'em, you'll probably be wanting to change passwords and that kind of thing - plus changing any other online service passwords which match whatever you did use for said MMOs (or PSN). Once you're back in, you'll find some 'Sorry, We Screwed Up' gifts waiting for you, including complimentary game-time and a whole bunch of virtual items. Like a Batman-inspired mask for DCUO. So there you go: Sony gets hacked, and you get to be Batman.

Full details on the Welcome Back freebies are here. You'll probably wanna log back in fairly sharpish to claim them.

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