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Dead By Daylight sends in... the clowns

Those daffy laffy clowns

All sorts of tricks and treats are abound in 4v1 qu'est-ce que c'est 'em up Dead By Daylight today. A new update adds tutorial levels and the option to unlock some of its paid DLC characters through playing, and new DLC adds a horrible murderclown and a new survivor. Come meet this fiendish funnyman.

Who's laughing now?

The Clown can throw bottles of his debilitating home-brewed Afterpiece Tonic, making them move slower and cough and 1.5 seconds. He has three new perks too, letting him vault faster and leave a temporary block behind him on vaulting spots, making nearby survivors heal slower, and smashing generators real good. The new survivor is Kate Denson, a singer who's also a wriggly fighter, struggling better when grabbed and disabling the usual hook highlight for killers, not always leaving scratch marks on obstacles for the killer to trace, and having auras of nearby pallets and vault spots highlighted.

The Curtain Call Chapter DLC is £5.19/€5.69/$6.99 on Steam.

Onto the update! Two new tutorial levels introduce how to play the survivor and killer sides, which is handy. Balance is tweaked a little. But probably the biggest change is the new in-game store.

DLC killers and survivors created by Behaviour Interactive--not those they license, like Leatherface and Freddy Krueger--can now be unlocked by paying a currency earned while playing, rather than just buying them. The store also includes cosmetic items buyable only with a new paid microtransaction currency, Auric Cells, which do sound pricey as heck but are only cosmetic.

Behaviour say the microtransactions will help fund ongoing support and content development. Some players seem a mite irked about how expensive things are, but Behaviour have been adding to Dead By Daylight for two years now and that's more than most multiplayer games get. Expensive microtransactions can feel taunting but if they are only cosmetic, ah, they're not so bad.

See the patch notes and this dev post for more on the update.

Behaviour are also currently working on Deathgarden, which looks like a sci-fi take on Dead By Daylight's multiplayer murders.

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Dead by Daylight

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