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Dead By Daylight Gets Halloweenie In New DLC

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Ol' Shatface himself, Michael Myers, is now up to his usual tricks - leering at teens, following them muttering "I'm not touching you. Is this bugging you? I'm not touching you.", then stabbing them through the neck - Dead by Daylight [official site]. The iconic murderman from John Carpenter's Halloween has arrived in the 4v1 multiplayer horrorshow's first big DLC as a new killer, bringing with him frequent foil Laurie Strode. A new suburban map is in too, his old stalking grounds. Mimy and Laurie's abilities are based around stalking and surviving, respectively, so they do sound interesting.

Micky Micky Moo Moo, see, gets his powers from following and staring. He starts out weak and slow but with detection bonuses, until he's stared enough to fill a gaze gauge. Then he becomes faster and deadlier. As is Myman's wont, he becomes obsessed with one single survivor. While that one player is alive, Mickymy attacks faster and gets temporary movement buffs for watching them. The object of his desires gets a bonus to healing and rescuing - because they have to survive to the end, see - though other players are slower at healing, repairing, and sabotaging.

As for Laurie, her abilities help her be the last one standing, dodging killers and getting to fight back a wee bit. She was one of the first final girls, after all. Hit up the DLC's page for more on how they each work.

Obsession isn't just for Myermi, mind. It'll be triggered in matches if anyone has an item, add-on, or perk which invokes it. Check out the recent patch notes for more on that, as well as recent bug fixes and balance tweaks.

The Halloween DLC is out on Steam now. It has a small launch discount now but will usually cost £4.99/$6.99. Everyone gets to play on the new map, and can play against or alongside Mick and Laurie. There is a way to try playing as Michelob without buying the DLC - The Black Splinter.

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