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Freddy Krueger is coming to Dead By Daylight tomorrow

three...four...better lock your door

Halloween is so close you can almost taste the pumpkins and ghosts. Ghosts taste like ash and regret, in case you didn't know, but they're pleasant enough when spread on toast with a good helping of jam. Pumpkins are best devoured as the base of a spiced soup.

As the spookiest day approaches, it is perhaps natural that murderer simulator Dead By Daylight has revealed the trick up its stripey sleeve. One, two, Freddy's coming for you.

Turns out I missed a fairly major clue about this a few days ago.

The final scene of A Nightmare On Elm Street still scares me quite a lot. Maybe it's because I always suspected Mr Tickle was a secret strangler, but long-armed Freddy is an image that I do not enjoy having in my head, but it's the obvious prop figure being dragged through the tiny pane of glass in the last shot that really gets to me. It's the scene in the film most like a dream, or at least most like the kind of dreams I have, and it makes me shudder.

He went on to become a wisecracking goof, more mascot than villain, but there was a time when old needle-fingers was a very horrid thing indeed. Here's hoping Dead By Daylight gives him some powers worthy of a dream-invading monstrosity. We'll find out tomorrow, when he enters the fray.

I fell in love with Dead By Daylight earlier this year, though I have not found time to play it in recent weeks. This'll pull me back in. Just like Freddy pulled that poor lady through the door :(

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Dead by Daylight

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