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Dead by Daylight DLC adds shock doc and e-sports pro


Every Friday the 13th is bone-chilling, of course, but people expect it now. If you want to really surprise and scare someone, release a spooky murderdoctor on, say, Thursday the 11th. BOO! That's exactly what Dead by Daylight [official site] has done, today launching DLC adding a new wacky doctor to the 1v4 horrorshow and a new victim/survivor. He was a torturer, she was an e-sports pro, can I make it any more obvious? I can with a trailer:

Herman 'The Doctor' Carter is a kooky fella who got himself electrocharged and now murders teenagers for kicks. He has a dreadful aura which makes nearby survivors mess up and freak out, as well as the ability to sabotage generators (key objectives) so the next player trying to fix it faces an extra-tough quick-time event. The new survivor, Feng Min, brings handy perks to repair generators more quiet and to sprint away after vaulting over obstacles.

Along included in the DLC is a new level set in a brutal medical research facility.

Samuel Horti chatted with game director Mathieu Cote recently about these new characters as well as the accompanying update with balance and system changes. Developers Behaviour are trying to make being the killer less of a miserable slog of being kited, for starters. As Samuel wrote:

"Among other things, the patch adds Bloodlust, a feature that increases the killer's speed the longer they chase a specific survivor for. It's already got pushback from the community – a quick look through the game's subreddit will reveal a lot of opposition. Cote says he and the team are listening and prepared to make changes, but he tends to take the criticism with a pinch of salt, an approach he intends to take with the new chapter after it comes out."

The 'Spark of Madness' DLC is £4.49/6,29€/$6.29 on Steam right now, which includes a 10% launch discount.

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