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Dead Cells' new update adds explosive barrels and explosive mimics

Don't drink that stuff

Everyone loves a good distillery tour, right? Gawk at the big barrels, sample the products and all. Not so much in the latest update to Dead Cells, which adds an area called the Derelict Distillery. In this house of horrors the barrels explode and the products are death—your death specifically. The new update is out now, adding new enemies, weapons, and mimics—oh my!

The new update is titled Barrels O' Fun, which I imagine is mostly when you're on the sending end of said barrels rather than receiving. Motion Twin say that there are new barrel-chucking enemies and mimics disguised as barrels as well. Both are explosive.

Not to worry though, turnabout is fair play. You'll also be able to pick up the new Barrel Launcher bazooka weapon that fires bouncing barrels of explosive joy at your enemies. The new Derelict Distillery is an alternate to the High Peak Castle area near the end of a run.

The update also comes with new achievements linked to the Distillery, a new Tesla Coil trap, and a new OST. You can swap between the original soundtrack and the newly reworked 8-bit version in the settings menu. Dead Cells has lovely music but I think we all know which soundtrack it deserves.

Dead Cells was RPS's favorite game of 2017 and has only continued to get better since then. It's gotten numerous free updates throughout the years and finally released its first paid DLC Bad Seed earlier this year, which hasn't stopped it from also getting more free updates like the Bestiary Update and Update of Plenty.

You can read the full patch notes for Barrels O' Fun over on the official site.

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