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Dead Island 2 has been delayed yet again, but only by 3 months

After 8 years of previous delays

Following a nearly decade-long tradition, Dead Island 2 has been delayed. The co-op zombie smasher has slipped from its intended February 3rd 2023 release date and will now target release on April 28th 2023.

Following a more modern tradition, developers Dambusters revealed the news on Twitter with a JPG that's difficult to read and has no alt text:

"The irony of delaying Dead Island 2 is not lost on us, and we are as disappointed as you undoubtedly are," says the message. "The delay is just 12 short weeks and development is on the final straight now; we're going to take the time we need to make sure we can launch a game we're proud to launch. For those of you who've been waiting for years, thank you for hanging in there with us."

The announcement also brings news that there will be a Dead Island 2 showcase on December 6th, with "new trailer and gameplay" posted to the Dead Island Twitch and YouTube channels.

Ed had a chance to play Dead Island 2 at Gamescom earlier this year, and enjoyed his time with it. Surprisingly, Ed found it felt like a polished continuation of the ideas set out when I first played Dead Island 2 back in 2014.

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Dead Island 2

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