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Dead Rising 3 Out In September, Not Capped At 30FPS

Rise and shine

I hate to be that guy at the official RPS million-person dinner table, but you know what I hate about dead people? The fact that these days, they never stay dead. They're always rising, marching about like they own this mortal plane. And then we have to mop up after them, in Dead Rising 3's case by combining things with other things. Why would I ever want a steam shovel motorcycle? Where will I keep it? How will I stay in my traffic lane? Inconsiderate, that's what those zombies are. Capcom has announced that they're due to rise and groan in September. Oh, and despite Xbox One roots, there will be no framerate cap. The experience might be a little janky, though.

Capcom explained on its Capcom Unity blog:

"Allow me to set the record straight: while Dead Rising 3 is optimized to run at 30 frames per second for gameplay reasons, you can expect it to still run fine uncapped under most conditions provided you have a capable enough hardware. We can’t guarantee that there won’t be issues, and obviously depending on your rig you may see different results. Rest assured the beefier your gaming machine, the smoother your zombie killing experience will be."

"Bear in mind the frame rate will fluctuate in uncapped mode in certain areas, particularly later in the game, where streets are literally filled with zombies and other complex objects. Couple that with an open world sandbox game engine, big explosions, complex physics interaction, and huge draw distance and you’re bound to experience dips here and there."

Dead Rising 3 will hit PC with everything, the kitchen sink, and a colorful variety of sinks from other rooms on September 5th. That is very close to my mom's birthday. I will not be getting my mom Dead Rising 3 for her birthday. She likes murder mysteries, but not really the what-could-theoretically-happen-after-that-if-a-viral-contagion-mucked-up-the-rules-of-life-and-death part. I will have to keep this in mind.

What are you getting your mom for her birthday? Also something about videogames.

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