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Dead Rising 4 coming to Windows 7 and Steam in March

It rises

The absurd Windows 10 exclusivity of Dead Rising 4 [official site] will end on March 14th, Capcom have announced. It'll arrive on Steam and yes, for Windows 7 too. Dead Rising 4 isn't great, sure, but if you want to mow down zombie hordes while dressed as Street Fighter's Cammy you might still fancy it.

This Windows 7/Steam release will come 14 weeks [that's 98 days, multiplication maniacs! -ed.] after Dead Rising 4's initial launch on Windows 10 through Microsoft's Store. The strange things people will do in the name of business, eh?

I heard Phil Spencer stood outside Ian Capcom's house holding over his head a boombox blasting Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes. Faved every last one of his tweets. Sent flowers every day for a month, then escalated to gorillagrams. Eventually, Ian Capcom relented and signed an exclusivity arrangement which artificially limited the game's audience. Presumably this a involved cheque with several zeroes. Hey, I know Ian Capcom wasn't personally spurning me (he'd never!), his heart simply must follow the numbers. When zeroes hit your eyes like big pizza pies, that's a business.

In an ideal world, this freed version would hit GOG and Itch too but, y'know, that may take a while.

Normally I wouldn't mention pre-orders but seeing as the game has been out for months and many reviews and opinions have been shared, hey: a 20% pre-purchase discount brings it to £31.99/47,99€/$47.99 on Steam.

Check out Wot Alec Thought if you're curious but do bear in mind that a recent update has added a harder difficulty mode.

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