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Dead Space 2 is being given away free with the Dead Space remake on Steam

The 2011 sequel isn't being included with the new game on other storefronts

There’s only a few weeks until EA Motive’s reimagining of the original Dead Space stalks onto PC, but anyone pre-ordering the game on Steam will also nab a copy of Dead Space 2. This seems to be exclusive to Valve’s storefront, as the Epic Games Store isn’t listing the offer on their pre-order page for the Dead Space remake. Oh, and even though Dead Space 2’s been available for more than a decade you’ll have to wait until the Dead Space remake goes live to play your complimentary copy.

Motive's Dead Space remake has a few surprises of its own.

If you’ve already pre-ordered the Dead Space remake before the Dead Space 2 giveaway became a thing then don’t fret, you’ll still receive the game. The remake brings the original Dead Space in line with its sequels by giving protagonist and armoured engineer Isaac Clarke a voice, unlike the 2008 version. Playing through the Dead Space remake and rolling straight into Dead Space 2 and 3 might feel less jarring in that sense. There'll be more than a decade’s worth of graphical changes to account for between the remake and the sequel, though.

Motive say they’re trying to capture the survival horror atmosphere of the original Dead Space with their remake, but they’re adding in a few twists of their own. One of these is something called the Intensity Director, which creative lead Roman Campos-Oriola detailed back in October. This is meant to unsettle you as you ramble with Isaac around the hulking abandoned spaceframe of the USG Ishimura, throwing random Necromorph enemies at you or setting off environmental effects. The Intensity Director’s mostly intended for times you’re revisiting areas of the now freely roamable Ishimura.

The Dead Space remake launches on Steam and the Epic Games Store on January 27th for £50/$60/€60. It’ll also arrive on PS5 and Xbox One Series consoles then, too.

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