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RPS Postbag: Dead State Is Out Of Early Access

Zombie apocalypse RPG released

The RPS post pigeon delivered this letter, and several others like it, to our treehouse recently:

Dear RPS,
How come you haven't mentioned that Dead State is now out of Early Access? I know, zombies and all that, but the RPG's about human drama too and makers DoubleBear were founded by Brian Mitsoda (he wrote Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, don't you know!) and Annie VanderMeer Mitsoda (who's worked on Neverwinter Nights 2 and Alpha Protocol). Chuffing Bloodlines, for goodness' sake! That sounds right up your alley, so what gives?

Yrs playfully,
Fictional yet Furious in Folkstone

As RPS News Editor, dear Fictional, I must apologise for the oversight and offer an explanation.

When Dead State launched and I noticed we had a review coming, I chose not to post a short newsblarb, thinking that was time I could spend writing about walking simulators and it'd be redundant as we'd have a review up soonish anyway. But code came in too late to have a launch-day review, given the game's size. Turns out, an sprawling RPG about the many struggles of life in the zombie apocalypse can take quite some time to fully explore.

But it is now out of Early Access, where it had lounged for ten months. While we crack skulls and talk sass for our WIT, perhaps you might fancy poking at the Steam user reviews.

Dead State is £19.19 on GOG or £22.99 on Steam.

Here's a trailer from back in August:

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