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Deadshot: Sniper Elite - Nazi Zombie Army Is Out

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army is quite possibly the last game that will ever be made. The title itself is the culmination of everything that has been achieved in the field of interactive entertainment. As the game is now out, I've honoured the occasion by making a short list of important occurrences in the launch trailer. You can find them, and it, below.

1) Hitler shouts a bit, in English.

2) We're told that the 'X-Ray Kill Cam' won an award. Best kill cam? Most detailed modelling of bullet-to-ball? Citizen Kane of gaming? This is like Garrett Brown's invention of the Steadicam, a device that was originally called the Brown Stabilizer, a name it shared with a popular line of Imodium.

3) There are skeletons as well as zombies but the X-Ray Kill Cam would presumably be less flashy if they're in the scope, so the sniper runs up to them with a shotgun instead.

4) Oh, wait, now he's running up to the zombies and mowing them down as well.

5) The sniper man is very insistent on doing as little sniping as possible. He doesn't seem to realise that zombies, by their nature, are perfect for sniping. Slow, bad at climbing and impossible to stop without a bullet to the brain.

6) Ignore the previous point. He shot one in a torso-organ and it still seemed to die again.

7) Sometimes zombies will appear, glowing red. Because of rites.

8) Zombies claw their way out of the earth and then often grab the nearest shovel, as if to point out the irony of their situation, or something.

9) A bullet goes on holiday near the end of the video, touring Europe.

The game should be available now, priced at £7.99, but I can't check because I'm down the pub. I wrote this ages ago!

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