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Death Come True is an interactive movie from the writer of Danganronpa


A man wakes up in a hotel room with no idea who he is, an unconscious woman bound in the bathtub, and the TV saying he's wanted as a serial killer. That's the setup for Death Come True, a new interactive movie written by Kazutaka Kodaka, the writer and co-creator of visual novel horror series Danganronpa. He does like his weird spooky murdermysteries. Following its debut on Switch and pocket phones last month, Death Come True launched on PC today.

While that trailer doesn't have subtitles, the game does.

So there Makoto is, waking up in that hotel room, selecting different options as they're presented, and likely ending up dying a lot, especially given that some 'orrible person dressed a lot like a kooky killer is loitering. But Makoto's in a time loop and while he doesn't remember who he is, he does remember what happens in previous loops, and can use that information in later lives. Finding new deaths gets you 'Death Medals' to unlock bonus movies on the in-game DeathTube too.

Death Come True is out now on Steam, priced at £12.39/€13.29/$14.99. It's also on Nintendo Switch and Apple and Android pocket computers. It's due on PS4 later this year too.

Given Kodaka's past games, I'm curious. Here, go read all about why Danganronpa is interesting. Reviews seem to say this one is nice but short?

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