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Death Stranding continues to perplex in new trailer

Junior 2

At The Game Awards last night, Geoff Keighley introduced the new trailer for his best pal’s bold new take on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1994 comedy, Junior. That’s about the best explanation I could come up with after watching the eight minute trailer for Kojima’s Death Stranding. Enjoy the mishmash of science fiction and horror ideas below.

Enjoyment is probably not what the trailer is going for, mind you. Kojima fills his games with bizarre cutscenes as a matter of course, and Death Stranding -- a game we know absolutely nothing about, still -- reaches new heights of WTF am I watching? At the same time, it does show us a great deal, though absent context none of it really makes sense.

There’s a weird pod baby that somehow ends up inside Norman Reedus’ character, invisible monsters, a giant monster, some other monsters and lots of gross muddy, oily water. The trailer really seems to be pushing the idea of vulnerability. There’s the baby, of course, the very definition of vulnerable, but there’s also the fact that Reedus and his pals seem to be powerless to handle the invisible creatures hunting them. All they can do is try to stop breathing.

So despite being utterly nonsensical, I’m still… a bit intrigued? I’m certainly hungry for more. Also, let’s not forget about those weird flappy light-arm thingys. They look like someone crossed a desk lamp with Johnny 5. In what is an otherwise oppressively gloomy trailer, they are a welcome spot of whimsy.

There’s still no release window yet, not even a year, but I wouldn’t hold your breath for a 2018 launch.

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