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Death Stranding isn't on PC until next year but we can still watch the PS4 launch trailer

Who loves ya, BB?

Now that we know Death Stranding will come to PC next year, following its PlayStation 4 launch next week, hey look I guess we can post about it more. Such as, here's the eight-minute PS4 launch trailer for Hideo Kojima's first post-Metal Gear game. I know some console pals have regretted watching the trailer, fearing it spoils too much, but: 1) I'll have forgotten all this by summer 2020; 2) any revelations from a marketing trailer will pale in comparison to how much people will talk about what the game actually is by then anyway.

I will not remember any of those plot beats. Especially not when the minute-to-minute reality of what the game is remains so mysterious. Norman Reedus is a deliveryman who uses the magical powers of ladders and Amazon deliveries to defeat ghosts and unite a post-apocalyptic America? Alright, yeah. Anything I think I might know of the story from that trailer will soon be overwritten.

I do adore Kojima's special brand of nonsense, to be clear. He balances human warmth and societal critique (heavy-handed but valid!) with cracking B movie foolishness, interesting game systems to explore, merchandising opportunities, and a desire to create business situations where celebrities need to eat dinner with him then let him tweet photos of them smoking.

Death Stranding is due on PC in summer 2020, published by 505 Games. No word on stores yet.

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