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Death Stranding's PC launch is delayed to July, now Kojima Productions are working from home

Hold up, Norman

Kojima Productions today announced they've delayed the PC launch of Death Stranding by six weeks, pushing it back to July 14th. With the company offices closed by the pandemic, and working from home evidently causing a few hiccups, they're taking a little more time to get it right. Ah go on, I'll wait.

"Following the temporary closure of Kojima Productions, we have had to delay the PC launch of Death Stranding to July 14, 2020, to allow more development time amidst the current work-from-home orders in place," the company said on Twitter. "Thank you all for your patience and continued support!"

A slightly different statement on Steam adds, "This allows the development team more time to finalise and polish."

Death Stranding was previously due to launch for PC on June 2nd, following its November 2019 debut on PlayStation 4. I had worried that the belated PC launch would dull my enthusiasm but I'm pretty stoked for it. PlayStationeers went in full of hype and uncertainty, while we know exactly what it is: a game that does have horror, action, stealth, and classic Kojima tomfoolery, but does very often just involve clambering across a gorgeous landscape as a post-apocalyptic postman. I'm well up for that.

Death Stranding is now coming to Steam and the Epic Games Store on July 14th, priced at £55/€60/$60.

The PC version will introduce a new Photo Mode to frame pretty pics of the pretty game. It also has some weird Half-Life crossover items like a dead headcrab to wear as a hat.

I guess for now you can play one of those shameless janky rip-offs?

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