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Death To Spies 3 Infilitrates Kickstarter

But life to this series. Aha, humour!

When your crowdfunding campaign fails, it's time to have a good think about what you're doing. Death To Spies 3 devs Haggard Games tried last year to raise $80,000 to finish their Hitman-ish murder simulator through Indiegogo, but only drew $982. Oof. They went back to work, and a year later released a demo. Now they're back on the crowdfunding trail, launching a second attempt on Kickstarter. They're after $85k (~£52k) this time to take the series timeline from its roots in World War 2 through to end and beyond into the Cold War.

While reminding me of how terrible I am at stealth games and that quick saves are the greatest invention in games, the demo showed some promise. Once I felt out the edges of the stealth system and alert statues, it was strong. It's less about sneaking around and avoiding lines of sight than not lingering too long in suspicious positions. Finding ways to assassinate targets without any (living) witnesses was the main challenge.

Haggard want every level to be open, so they'll have multiple ways not only to get to targets, but to deal with them as well. Executions that look like accidents means your cover is less likely to be blown. Some missions in the final release will also have two additional characters to switch between dynamically and combine the powers of. Olga, a femme fatale, and Viktor, a sniper and master of explosives.

It certainly has the ambition of a game that's been developed quietly for years. By many accounts the first games weren't exactly masterpieces, and some of their problems are still present in the demo. If you're still interested, $15 gets you the game until the Early Birds run out, $20 thereafter. Release plan is to get the first two missions on Early Access in December, followed by monthly updates of new levels and other content.

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