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Death To The Apocalypse: Darksiders II

Did you play Darksiders? THQ's hack-n-slashing action-them-to-bits had a nine month delay before its release on PC, which always subdues the reaction somewhat. When Jim got hold of it last September he was having a lovely time, right up until a dumb boss fight at the end of a long walk and unskippable cutscene kept splatting him with cars. But until that point it was offering lots of fighty-fun. So perhaps a sequel will provide a more refined pathway to an ending?

In the original you played quarter of the Horsemen super-troop, War. The next game will put you behind the wheel of Death, that notoriously morose fellow, in a story that parallels the previous events. (Assuming they go with Conquest for the third game, Darksiders IV is going to be gross.) Death's trying to redeem War's good name for starting the Apocalypse.

They're promising a larger world, more complex weapon and armour upgrades, and "more challenging dungeons", according to the press release I'm lazily reproducing. And apparently it's worse than just some pesky Apocalypse - this is going to take down all of Creation (their capitalisation, evolution fans). So in a somewhat ironic quest, Death is trying to save mankind. Before, presumably, then killing them all at the end of the credits. (That would be brilliant. I really should be paid to write stories for games.)

Sadly any other useful information has been given to an American magazine which doesn't like sharing. They're doing one of their hub things, which means it's unlikely we'll be able to show anything interesting for a long while.

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Darksiders II

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