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Death Trash has already made back its development costs

Gotta love that meat!

A post-apocalyptic world populated by drunks, murderers, nudists, and giant meat monsters is apparently just the existence you darlings crave, going by the success of Death Trash. The open-world RPG launched into early access on August 5th after over five years in development, and by the 14th had apparently already made back its development costs. Nice! To think, we suffered through so many years of bacon memes when the meat everyone actually craved was a vast bloody octopus.

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Death Trash artist, designer, and coder Stephan Hövelbrinks blasted the business news on Twitter on Saturday:

That's just a nice bit of news about a weird and charming wee game. Don't go expecting anything huge to come of this, mind. Two hours later, before people could get too carried away, Hövelbrinks added a follow-up note:

After I waited years hungering for Death Trash, oh! It came out when I wasn't anywhere near a computer and I didn't even know. I'm glad to hear the game's off to a good start, with Alice Bee calling it "a singular and unique vision" in her Death Trash early access review.

"I don't know how to say, 'If you like X or Y then you'll like this'," Alice said. "Maybe Fallout (indeed, this game's genesis is in a jokey fanart tweet about making one's own Fallout). Maybe text games on Itch about teeth and skin. People worship the meat like a deity. They eat it raw. And you are, somehow, infected by it. You can talk to it. My biggest disappointment is that my quest to understand the flesh was cut short so quickly - it's maybe four or five-ish hours at the moment, about a quarter of the predicted full runtime, though the 'main' questline hit its under construction roadblock after about 2 hours for me. Death Trash evidently has more secrets to wallow in, and it's worth wading in. It's both disgusting (in a good way) and absolutely hypnotic."

Death Trash is available in early access from Steam, GOG, Itch.io, and the Epic Games Store. It's on Windows, Mac, and Linux, though Epic's store doesn't support Linux. You've got a few short hours left to benefit from a 10% launch discount. The full release is expected to follow in "about a year", or longer if it takes longer.

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