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Death's Door is the new boss battler from the makers of Titan Souls

Geese hang in parochial villages; crows descend into demon realms

Untitled Goose Game cast you as the naughty resident of a parochial village, and it only makes sense that a game in which you play as a crow sends you into some strange demon dimension. So it is in Death's Door, in which you control a crow trying to retrieve their "assigned soul" by battling beasts and demigods in a "realm untouched by death."

It's from the developers of Titan Souls, and there's an announcement trailer below.

It's also being published by Devolver Digital, and they do know how to produce trailers, don't they.

The setting and its crows and froggy beefcakes is interesting, but there's nothing in the combat I haven't seen before. There's dodge-dashing, fast switching between melee slashing and firing arrows, and well-telegraphed attacks from various bosses.

Does that matter? Probably not when it's done well, and Death's Door is from Acid Nerve, the two-person (and friends) team responsible for 2015's Titan Souls. It was a similar topdown blast of combat against strange boss monsters and Adam adored it. Brendan named it one of the best games like Dark Souls.

The game's Steam page offers few extra details, except that it's aiming for a summer 2021 release, which is pleasingly soon. Now someone tell me what happened to Eitr, a previous stab-and-dash game announced by Devolver but never released.

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Death's Door

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