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Space Trails And Trailers: Deep Space Settlement

Sorta Homeworldish

It has quickly become trite to say there are a lot of space games currently in development. How about this: there still aren't enough space strategy games. Sure, cockpit fetishists are well satisfied, but there's still too few opportunities to command fleets from a spacebird's-eye-view.

Deep Space Settlement may correct this. It's an in-development "4X RTS", meaning it's about forming enormous armadas and directing them in real-time space battles. There are plans for story and sandbox modes, systems of trade and ship customization, and a lot more. And there's the first trailer below.

That's a lot of loveliness for something that's largely the work of a single person, Stéphanie Rancourt, with outsourcing only used for the art.

So far the project has been financed using savings and contract work, but they've just opened up pre-orders to fund further development. The price is $50, which seems awfully steep considering it'll be at least 6 months before there's even a "first playable"; the website explains that "setting us hard deadlines would compromise the quality of DSS", but does offer up some details of which features will be available at first release, and then added at alpha and beta stages.

Whether that seems like a worthwhile gamble is between you and your wallet, but you should definitely continue to watch these videos.

And neat Vines:

There's lots more where those came from on the Deep Space Settlement site.

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