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Defiance: From Small Screen To Other Small Screen

Alert! Alert! Words like "Transmedia" imminent! You have been warned! Ahem. Trion Worlds and SyFy have released a long video showing off their forthcoming game/tv hybrid thing Defiance, where the battles you fight might later appear on TV. It's a bit like being a soldier, only there are aliens involved and Fox News will never try to make out that it's in any way patriotic.

Here comes the video, and a few Things To Notice...

Things To Notice:

  • When aliens attack, the cast of Dexter will be our only hope
  • Trion staff will beat you in a staring contest any day.
  • SyFy's cameramen apparently drink a lot of coffee.
  • As far as the setting goes, it's going to be interesting to see how much crossover there can realistically be with a game set in San Francisco and a show set in St. Louis.
  • Everyone needs to give their characters the silliest names possible, just to force the actors to deliver lines like "My life was saved by Peesquirter54. He was amazing."
  • No word yet about whether other SyFy stars like the Megashark, Pirahnaconda and Mansquito will put in guest appearances... but we can hope.
  • You will never rock a scarf like the Director.
  • It's aiming to be one of the best transmedia experiences ever, even better than CyberZone, Heaven and Hell Live and kids phoning up to play Magic Pockets on the 90s kids' magazine programme "Motormouth". And they do not promise that lightly!
  • The TV version looks a good deal more grounded than the fairly cartoony game footage.
  • Rift was good enough to give them the benefit of the doubt, right?
  • I'm still sad that The Lost Room never got a full series.

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