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Defiance Trailer Shoots First, Leaves Us Asking Questions

For those in need of a refresher: Defiance is a sci-fi shooter MMO from Trion Worlds that's going to tie in with a Syfy television show on a weekly basis. And I think I may be one of the people in need of said refresher, because according to the trailer, Defiance is a gun game about guns and aliens and guns and that quick cut thing movie trailers use to make aliens scary - only that's kind of hard here because the aliens are exploding into extremely dead goop. Dan's preview from last year's GamesCom made Trion's latest dish sound a bit more appetizing, so I'm definitely interested in seeing big talk translate into something other than big explosions. For now, though, watch extraterrestrials catch their death of germs, water, and the odd bullet here or there or everywhere after the break.

So then, lingering questions: How - beyond throwaway mentions of our PvP accomplishments - will we be able to shape the show? Apparently we can't go all Lord British on main characters, but can we at least, say, turn the tides of major battles or impact key plot points? Also, what happens if "LordRacismSpaceBrony12" earns a mention on the show? Personally, there's a part of me that'd kind of love to see Syfy embrace its sillier side (see also: Sharktopus) and make a horrific Frankenstein monster with a patchwork of Internet culture for flesh and threads of B-movie sci-fi to hold it all together. It'd almost assuredly be terrible, but honestly, I can't imagine a more entertaining train wreck.

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