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"Definitive" Director's Cut for Strike Suit Zero

One more time we're gonna annihilate

Strike Suit Zero, to use a perfect term, is my jam. Sci-fi? Check. Space Transformers? Check. Almost comical disregard for the sanctity of life and natural resources? Check. It's bombastic, beautiful insanity that, to my eternal anger, proved rather unplayable on my aging hulk of a machine. Nathan proved measurably harder to impress a year ago, which may in part by why things have ended up here: a special edition of the game, initially for console release but eventually spreading out into our sector. It's designed to fix many of the issues players and critics alike had with the campaign, as well as include DLC at no extra cost. Morph this post to its heavier form for a look at the trailer and details.

I am absolutely in love with that backing track. Anything that blends with explosions and gunfire is a feast for my ears. On the sound front the promised improved dialogue, presumably with a new recording of the voice over, is much needed. Similarly the undullening continues with a restructuring of the campaign to hopefully remove kill X of Y objectives and damned escort missions. You can still grab the original version of the game in all its flawed glory over on Steam as well as the "arcade high score chaser" spin-off Strike Suit Infinity. A word of warning: it's unconfirmed whether the Director's Cut will be available as an upgrade (free or otherwise) or an additional full purchase for PC owners, as details are still forthcoming.

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Strike Suit Zero

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