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Degenerating: Doctor Who - Worlds In Time Shutting Down

Out of time

I don't keep up to date with Doctor Who but when the nature of your job means that you follow a bunch of geeky McNerdsters on Twitter, it's impossible to avoid the basics. It was impossible to avoid the revelation that the new Doctor is the sweariest man on television and I couldn't ignore the fury of the people who were annoyed by the episode in which the Doc's most faithful companion got married and the show turned into a bit of a sitcom. Correct me if I'm wrong on any of this. Despte being one of the internet's most popular franchises, with all kinds of ready made scenarios and villains, Doctor Who hasn't made a comfortable switch into the world of games. The latest evidence? The BBC's puzzling MMO is shutting down on Feb 28th.

Microtransactions have been disabled and the lithium crystals have been removed from the phone booth. Again, correct me if I'm wrong. I don't think many people around these parts will mourn the passing of Worlds In Time and the last update listed on the official website is from April 2013 so it doesn't appear to have been a hive of activity.

Surely it wasn't as bad as the Wii's Doctor Who: Return to Earth though?

Or how about Destiny of the Doctors? A game so bewilderingly bad that it's not entirely clear what was happening or why.

The best bet at the moment might be Doctor Who: Legacy, a mobile game that is basically Puzzle And Dragons with Matt Smith's face in it.

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