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Dejobaan Games Is Working On: Musorqua

The Dejobaan guys are best. This much we know. But what are they working on now? We don't know! Unacceptable. I dispatched a squad of RPS fightbots to find out, but they came back half an hour later with the postman's wang on a skewer, so I just checked the Dejobaan site instead.

The Musorqua Project is another score-based flying (or, falling) game, with levels that are procedurally generated depending on the mp3 you play the game with. The game's still in pre-alpha, but Dejobaan "hope to sexify things up a bit" soon. I don't know what that means, but you can watch a couple of videos below.

Here's the latest video from Dejobaan's site:

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And here's another, more recent, practically SECRET video that we know about thanks to RPS reader Nicholas "The Magazine Kid" Mogavero.

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Looks neat. I'll bring you more news on this just as soon as Dejobaan... make some more of the game, I guess.

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