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Delightful platformer Wuppo has added co-op

Yum Wum

Oh gosh, this looks delightful. I might've missed Wuppo when it dropped three years ago, but this is some properly charming stuff. Hand-drawn little wobblers named Wums and Fnakkers? Earnest themes of friendship and self-improvement? Sign me the heck up for that. If you also missed out, today might be the perfect time to check it out - Wuppo is ready to go out with a wibbly wobbly bang thanks to a big free update.

Today's Definitive Edition update finally lets you drop into Wuppo with a friend. A new trailer for the free update shows off some bouncy co-op boss battles, among other new arrivals to the land of the Wums.

It might kick off looking like a cutesy Metroid, but Abby Denton found a game all about caring for delightful creatures when she looked at Wuppo for us back in 2017. Sure, there's absolutely a video game going on here - you can run and jump and fight big bosses with a health bar that goes down. But Wuppo wants you to hang about, make friends, grab an ice cream and queue up for fairground rides.

Adding a friend on the couch to join your friends on the screen seems only natural, really. A pal can now jump in as the delightfully-named Denksnavel to help take on bosses or hunt for curiosities.

Developers Knuist & Perzik say this will be the last update before moving onto their next game. Leaving Wuppo on a high, they've tightened up the difficulty curve and given the town another coat of polish. The soundtrack's been buffed up with some extra tracks, and there's a new quiz game to check out at one of the train stations. You can check out the full patch notes here, but mind the spoilers.

Wuppo is available on Steam for £11 and GOG for £12.29. Hold on, though - because the Definitive Edition is bringing a 50% price cut on Steam through today, starting at 6pm (10am Pacific)

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