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Deliver Us Mars rocks up with a new story trailer

Her daddy has told her to go

I just answered the door to a delivery person but they didn’t have the planet I was expecting. That’d be publisher Frontier Foundry, who shared another look at the recently delayed sci-fi space adventure Deliver Us Mars this evening as part of Gamescom's Future Games Show. I thought there’d be more imposing planetary locales to navigate in this sequel to Deliver Us The Moon, and there are, but I wasn’t prepared for a whole bunch of astronauts running about being dramatic. Clue yourself in on what’s happening on Mars by watching the trailer below.

Deliver Us Mars tasks you with retrieving stolen technology that could save the Earth. Oh, and finding your missing dad.

The game had been scheduled to arrive in September, but was delayed last week until February 2023. This time around, Deliver Us Mars stars a few more faces than the first game did. Frontier say the game features a “full cast of motion-captured actors”, and it’s surprising to see multiple people who aren’t vaguely person-shaped holographic voice logs. A pleasant surprise, though.

In Deliver Us The Moon, you could travel to Earth’s largest natural satellite solo. Mars is much farther away though, so it makes sense you’d need to assemble a posse to get there. It seems like space-protagonist Kathy Johanson has her work cut out for her, what with having to travel to the Red Planet to find the tech needed to save Earth and cheekily try to find her missing dad, Isaac, at the same time after a mysterious transmission suggests he, somehow, might be trapped there. She’ll need to contend with the other people around her too.

Deliver Us Mars is set on a much bigger world than its predecessor, and I’m looking forward to cracking out my Lara Croft hand axes to clamber up the colossal cliffs of Valles Marineris and do some sick doughnuts in my rover in the Martian dust. Part of the joy of Deliver Us The Moon was in pretending there was more beyond the limited environments you were able to explore, so I’m pleased there appears to be more to its sequel.

Deliver Us Mars releases on PC on February 2nd, 2023. You can find it on Steam and the Epic Games Store for £25/$30/€30, but there’s a 10% discount until two weeks after the game launches.

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Deliver Us Mars

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