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Deliver With Some Fava Beans: Confederate Express

Ringing once, ringing twice

In an attempt to keep with the Halloween spirits for an extra few hours, I've created a headline as ghastly and ill-formed as Frankenstein's monster. It's a poor misunderstood thing but we should poke it with pitchforks and set fire to it anyhow, just in case it tries to teach us something about hubris, the human condition, or the violence that can result from alienation and shame.

Confederate Express definitely doesn't deserve to be killed with fire though and it might even contain a few lessons for us as well. It's on Kickstarter at the moment but has already reached its target and I can see why. The project page describes it as being "all about exploration, fighting enemies, and making your way towards the main goal: trying to survive while delivering a package." A turn-based, strategic post-apocalyptic, role-play heavy Euro Truck Simulator? Not quite, but it looks delicious all the same.

You're a postman, basically, but you're not Kevin Costner. Unless you are, in which case, hi Kevin, hope you enjoy RPS. Open Range was quite good and I disagree with at least one of the choices on this list.

Back to the game. I had decided it was my sort of thing but the time I read this part of the page, about map generation:

Every time a new delivery mission begins, a world map is randomly generated around you. The map consists of sectors, and each sector represents a playable level with enemies, loot, and random world events. Among these events are storyline missions, character unlock assignments, secret areas, shops, and boss fights. Sectors without an event will still have loot and enemies present. As you travel towards your destination, you might find that some of the sectors are connected between each other, and sometimes it takes more that one to resurface on the world map again.

Add in squad management, tactical combat and groovy customisable weapons and there's all the makings of a intriguing game. Stretch goals include destructible scenery, which I imagine they'll definitely reach with twenty days left on the clock, and body implants. You know, like Kevin Costner's gerbil.

The RPS lawyers have informed that it was Richard Gere's gerbil. Sorry, Kevin.

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