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Dell's 240Hz Alienware monitor is a brilliant 51% off for Black Friday

Just $250!

Dell's 240Hz Alienware monitors have always been firm (if rather expensive) favourites here at RPS, but one of their US "door buster" Black Friday deals has finally brought their excellent AW2518HF down to just $250 - that's a saving of over 50% off its original price (not to mention $100 cheaper than what you'll find on Amazon at the moment) and a great deal for those after a brilliant 240Hz G-Sync Compatible screen.

I had plenty of great things to say about its full-fat G-Sync counterpart (the AW2518H) when I reviewed it last year, and the AW2518HF on sale here is the Freesync equivalent. The good news, though, is that the HF is still one of Nvidia's officially certified G-Sync Compatible monitors, just like the newer AW2521HFL, meaning Nvidia and AMD GPU owners will be able to take full advantage of its variable refresh rate tech without issue.

The AW2518HF isn't quite as slick design-wise as the newer AW2521HFL, although some may actually prefer its sharper edges and pointier stand over its successor's sci-fi, Area 51-style look. Alas, the AW2521HFL isn't part of Dell's Black Friday sale at the moment, and will currently set you back $380 (which is also cheaper than its $397 price on Amazon, I might add). It's possible it might get added to Dell's Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals fold tomorrow, of course, but there's no telling whether its price will be as good as the older AW2518HF.

For what it's worth, I actually prefer the older AW2518HF. It may only have a TN panel as opposed to an IPS one, but my measurements showed the G-Sync version of the AW2518HF actually had more accurate colours than the IPS-based AW2521HFL. Indeed, the AW2521HFL only really shone on one of its preset picture modes, whereas the AW2518H was a lot more accurate on its standard picture preset that you get straight out the box. It was a lot easier to set up and use, and had a much brighter screen with better contrast, too.

If you fancy picking one up, you'll need to hurry, as this deal is already 67% claimed at time of writing, and may well sell out before the end of the day.

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