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Dell's Black Friday in July sale proves words mean nothing

Also: legitimately good deals on gaming laptops, monitors and more.

Words mean nothing any more. Black Friday used to refer to the day after the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, when retailer saw the biggest crowds of the year at the start of the Christmas shopping season. Then, it became a bona fide shopping holiday, first in the US and then in the UK. Now, things have gone absolutely mad, as Dell UK has declared a 'Black Friday in July' sale happening right now.

Before you tear up your dictionaries and wail in despair at the erosion of word meanings, let me console you by saying that there are actually some good deals to be had here, even if the name is a bit silly. If you're in the market for a gaming laptop for instance, you can get the Dell G3 Gaming Laptop, one of the best budget options, for £584 with code SAVE14 (normally £789). That's a healthy £205 reduction on what was already a great value laptop with a GTX 1650 discrete graphics card, 10th-gen Core i5, 15-in 120Hz display and 16GB RAM.

There's also a higher-spec Dell G15 that packs in an RTX 3060, 10th-gen Core i7, 165Hz screen and 1TB SSD for £1048 (after a £271 discount). Not bad!

A photo of a dell s2721dgf gaming monitor

Gaming monitors are also discounted. You can use the code SUMMERDG50 to knock £50 off, and if you have access to xexec programme through work you can get an extra 15% off on top of that. If you use that on the Dell S2721DGFA, one of the best 1440p 165Hz Fast IPS gaming monitors, that drops the price from £379 to £272. If you don't qualify for that scheme, you can use the code VCLOUD8 instead to bring the price down to an even £300, which is still among the best prices we've ever seen for this monitor.

If you're more of a competitive gamer, the AW2521HFA with its 240Hz refresh rate is also discounted to £269 with the VCLOUD8 code (normally £434).

There's plenty more here that we didn't get the chance to cover, so do check out the sale on your own time and find a bargain! With free delivery on everything, double Dell rewards, student discounts and a trade-in programme going, there are plenty of ways to lower prices even further if you're willing to put in a little extra effort.

If you do spot something that other readers should know about, do us the kindness of sharing it in the comments.

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