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Dell's excellent S2721DGFA 27-in 1440p 165Hz monitor is down to £299

A Fast IPS panel means TN-like motion clarity, but IPS colours and viewing angles.

Dell's excellent S2721DGFA FreeSync/G-Sync Compatible gaming monitor, a 27-in 1440p 165Hz model that hits the current sweet spot for price versus performance, is down to £299 at Dell UK. That's £80 below its normal price there, and £38 cheaper than the same monitor on Amazon. Here's why I rate this monitor so highly.

I'm a big fan of this monitor, so much so that I made it Digital Foundry's best gaming monitor after testing it out. The S2721DGFA uses the same panel as the legendary LG 27GL850, an LG Fast IPS panel that combines excellent colour reproduction and wide viewing angles with the rapid pixel response times that you normally only get on TN monitors. This makes it a strong all-around choice, for gaming in any genre to content creation.

Beyond the panel itself, the S2721DGFA presents a couple of design improvements over the original 27GL850 model. It has a higher refresh rate, 165Hz to 144Hz, and a more ergonomic stand, with better adjustability including height adjustment. Dell always do well when it comes to build quality, so perhaps it's no surprise that this model also feels well-assembled and stable. There is also a VESA mount if you'd prefer to mount the monitor on an arm - my preferred way to reclaim desk space for things like keyboards, mice and random USB cables.

The S2721DGFA is always a popular choice when it's discounted - as we've seen on a few different occasions - so I'd encourage you to check out some reviews and then pop this in your basket if you're interested. I still think 1440p and 144Hz is the best bang-for-buck spec combo right now, offering a big upgrade over 1080p and/or 60Hz screens without requiring a massively powerful PC to drive them, so do give it due thought!

That's all for now, but I'll be back later today with one more deal - until then, farewell!

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