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Democracy In Action (Games): Vote Freeman

Valve have launched an appeal for users of Steam to vote for Gordon Freeman as the "All Time Greatest Game Hero" on Gamespot's site. Which brings the whole thing to our attention. It's surely only right to see a PC character winning the battle against huge competition like Mario and Link. Currently Mr Freeman is holding a tenuous lead against Zelda's pointy-hatted friend, 55% to 45%. Of course, don't think it's only the bespectacled mute that merits your vote - it's just that he's the only PC boy left. Duke Nukem was trounced by Link, and astonishingly The Nameless One was taken out in the first round by Ninja Gaiden's Ryu Hayabusa. Seriously, we need to get in there to sort this mess out. The current voting audience saw fit to select Resident Evil's Leon S. Kennedy over JC Denton. Good grief.

We're more sympathetic to Shadow of the Colossus's Wander beating Guybrush Threepwood - that's a tough first round pick to be sure. But any voting audience that thinks Punch Out's Little Mac is better than Phoenix Wright should be arrested and dissolved. Other PC characters weeded out in the first round include the Jedi Knight series' Kyle Katarn being beaten by Ms Croft, and Thief's Garrett ousted by bloody Frogger. (Although it's hard not to slightly love the vote when you see Master Chief taken out in round one by Bub & Bob.)

Edit: Oh lord, I just noticed Manny Calavera was beaten by sodding Dante.

It's at semi final stage now, with Mario taking on the lovely Samus Aran, and Gordon Freeman versus Link. It would be an incredible victory to see our boy taking on the might of such iconic heroes, so why not go along and offer your vote. Feel free to be thinking of JC Denton when you click on Gordon - he'd understand.

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