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Depression makes monsters of us all in Sea of Solitude

What kind of monster are you?

We got our first look at Sea of Solitude back in 2015. Even then, the game looked incredibly impressive. Back then it was an experimental episodic adventure about a flooded world and survival. Now, it's fully realized as a game based in the same mechanics, but about a world where humans are turned into actual monsters by their depression. Oh god, that's... that's a lot, right guys?

Cornelia Geppert, CEO of Jo-Mei Games, is easily the most interesting presenter at today's EA E3 presentation. Her personal introduction to the game was simply an openness with the audience about how much depression influences art, and how the game was something she created at a personal low point. In stark contrast to dudes yelling about "makin' that money", this exemplifies why EA made this their second big original indie thing, behind last year's breakout A Way Out.

This looks dark and brilliant and oh wow are people interested in exploring mental health in video games right now. Check out the official trailer below:

Anyone else think this is an even sadder, wetter version of Attack on Titan?

The game is headed our way early 2019. You can follow along at the official website by clicking here, which should you should do before the darkness overtakes you.

If you want to watch the excellent introduction at E3, with Cornelia Geppert's personal statement, that video is embedded below.

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A Way Out

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PS4, Xbox One, PC

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