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Deserves Some Buzz: Routine Is Amnesia On The Moon

Kubrick knew all about the Moon (capitalised out of fearful respect). 2001 was a huge warning to keep away or we'd be eaten by space babies and tossed down a psychedelic garbage chute. But we didn't keep away. We meddled and then, 30 years later, he died. Think about it. Icy tendrils of fear are no doubt wrapping around your spinal column, like a snake with bad circulation that's just drank a smoothie, so now's the perfect time to DRAMATICALLY reveal Routine, a scarifying indie survival horror set upon Kubrick's greatest nemesis.

There's not a lot, other than a teaser with floaty space gibs and glitchy, scratchy images, but the trailer hits the right tone of squelchy thumps, and showing what appears to be a Robotic Slender Man in space. If you've not got your hands up in front of your face, you can have a look. If you do have your hands up in front of your face, don't worry: no-one here is judging you.

More info points to a non-linear story on a fully-explorable Moon base, but with randomised puzzles and AI. There's no HUD, no points, no health bars. When shit hits the space fan, you run and you hide, and if you die then that's it for your progress. Perma-death, just like on the real moon. No idea when it's out... look that's all I know. What do you want? The moon on a stick?

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