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Desperados 3 gets a lengthy gameplay trailer before launch next month

Hold yer horses

There's a new trailer in town for cowboy stealth game Desperados 3. What they're calling an "explanation trailer" doubles as a very long gameplay trailer that pretty well serves as a tutorial too. The new video goes over each of the characters, cover mechanics, coordinated attacks, and lots more with a nice fresh look at each.

Desperados 3 is a prequel to the classic tactical Desperados game. It's got a heck of a lot in common with Mimimi Productions' previous stealth game Shadow Tactics: Blades Of The Shogun which, for my money, was quite good. It rates on RPS's list of best strategy games on PC too.

If you played their samurai stealth game, you'll be pretty familiar with how each of Desperados 3's characters have special abilities for tactically tackling baddies around each of its maps. Main man John Cooper can score double takedowns with his dual revolvers. Strongman Hector Mendoza can take out larger foes. Isabelle Moreau looks to have an ability that lets her mind-control an enemy into killing their own men. Kate O' Hara the undercover distraction and Doc McCoy have their own special abilities too.

The trailer above goes over most of the tactical stealth fundamentals like avoiding enemy line of sight, disposing of bodies, thinking strategically, and so on. One bit point of interest is that Desperados 3 will actually let you pause. The Showdown Mode that's meant for queuing up simultaneous actions between party members will also halt the action around them. It's a small but meaningful change from Shadow Tactics where Shadow Mode didn't stop the flow of time.

It will certainly make some tense encounters much easier but, frankly, I did my fair share of scumming between quick saves and quick loads in Shadow Tactics so I was going to cheese things one way or another. If Showdown Mode pausing is just a little too lenient for you, Mimimi say you can turn that bit off in the settings menu.

Other familiar features from Shadow Tactics are showing up in Desperados 3 as well, like the ability to complete a non-lethal run, environmental kills played off as accidents, and distractions. You name it and they're probably going over it up above.

Desperados 3 will launch on June 16th over on Steam for £45/€50/$50.

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