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Desperados 3 has a dangerously distracting cat


I was up for Desperados III just knowing the real-time tactical stealth series is being resumed by the studio behind the swish Shadow Tactics. But the most important detail of the game has, for reasons I cannot fathom, been kept quiet until this month: one of our squad members has a cat. This cat is named Stella. When Stella's food-provider talks to Stella, she meows like she definitely does understand. A good cat. Stella is also so adorable that baddies admiring her don't even notice someone sneaking up to slit their throat. Come meet Stella and her feeder, Isabelle Moreau, in a new video from our Matthew out at Gamescom.

I suppose I should mention that Isabelle also has "Voodoo" powers of blood magic. She can mind-control baddies. She can link characters' fates so whatever happens to one happens to the other too, a lot like Dishonored 2's Domino skill. And she's friends with Stella. Dear, sweet Stella. The game's true star, Stella.

Isabelle's chats with Stella are very good. I have no idea if she uses magic to really talk to Stella but I don't care. Stella meows and purrs in the way that makes those of us infected with toxoplasmosis KNOW our furry friends understand every single word (even if they largely do not care what we have to say). Best games writing of the year right here.

Desperados III is coming via Steam later this year. It's made by Mimimi Games and published by THQ Nordic.

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