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Desperados III will continue the tactical cowboy action in June


THQ Nordic today announced a June 16th release date for Desperados III, a revival of the rootin' tootin' real-time tactical squad game. Last seen in 2006, Desperados was a decent wild west take on ye olde Commandos series. What's particularly exciting about Desperados III is that it's being made by Mimimi, the studio who already proved their tactical chops with Shadow Tactics: Blades Of The Shogun. Hurry up, June.

Desperados III will once again send a squad of highly-skilled varmints out to sneak and murder through sandbox levels, combining their abilities to bypass, distract, and disable enemies in all sorts of ways. Some are straightforward, like shooting varmints stone cold dead, but it gets tricky when you throw in tricks like magic, a trained pet cat, or a pretty lady distracting fools with her sway. Our Matthew took a look at a preview version last August:

More recently, Katharine talked with Minimi's head of design, Moritz Wagner, about Desperados and Shadow Tactics on stream for Rezzed Digital. I would recommended reading our Shadow Tactics review if you're new to the genre or want to learn more about Minimi's last game.

Desperados III is coming to Steam on June 16th, priced at £50/€60/$60.

The series which so clearly inspired Desperados, Commandos, is also mounting a comeback. Its current owners, Kalypso Media, recently released a revamped version of the second game (read about that in Tim Stone's Commandos 2 HD Remaster review) and have opened a new studio to make a whole new Commandos.

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