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Destiny 2's glitch allowing 12-player raids is such wonderful chaos

Surely it's easy with twice as many players? Well...

A newly-discovered Destiny 2 glitch lets players cram so many people into a team than officially allowed, and boy howdy it's been daft. Smooshing two fireteams together for a 12-person raid? Sure! Hell, I've even seen 12 people crammed into the three-player Presage mission. The glitch is tricky to pull off, and presumably will soon be patched out, but I had a grand old time joining a 12-player Deep Stone Crypt over the weekend. It was... maybe the sloppiest and silliest raid I've done.

The glitch involves one fireteam joining the other at a precise point during the countdown to an activity starting, bypassing a check which should say "Wait hang on no this isn't right." The timing is tricky to coordinate, given internet latency, but after an hour of faff we Guardians from Rock Paper Scoutrifle finally got a team of 12 into the Deep Stone Crypt. Hey, if Atraks-1 can duplicate herself, we should be allowed to even the odds.

Having done DSC loads by now, I was so surprised by the sight of everyone at spawn that I immediately fell off a ledge:

That tone continued, really. This was the longest Deep Stone Crypt I've done in a while, just from the chaos. DSC usually runs like clockwork, with everyone knowing their role and tracking the rhythm of puzzles. But with 12 players running around and gabbing on Discord, it's hard not to lose focus. Daft. Chaotic. Very fun. And by god, we could spit out numbers during boss damage phases - even if jostling for position did accidentally cause a few teamkills.

We did have some rare moments of synchronicity, mind. This coordinated mass-planting of raid banners was very pleasing:

If you fancy a go yourself, I'd try sooner rather than later - seems like something Bungie would fix. Instructions are this-a-way.

A Bungie community manager responded over the weekend:

If Bungie find the reaction to this glitch encouraging, and it turns out not to have caused too many technical issues, I hope they consider trying more larger Destiny activities. I wouldn't want to raid like this often, but I have enjoyed modes like Escalation Protocol and Altar Of Sorrow which official let up to nine players together to rain explosions on waves of enemies. (Especially when event modes make Altar rain candy too.) Guardians may be Sol's mightest defenders but mostly we just want to see pretty colours and goof off with our mates.

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