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Destiny 2: Beyond Light's Stasis powers seem a smashing good time

Chill out

Bungie today revealed more of the new elemental powers we will get to wield in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Stasis (it's ice). Thanks to us getting chummy with the forces of Darkness, every class will get a new Stasis subclass in the expansion, with brand new abilities. Yup, some chill. Sure, some freeze. And oh heck yes, some shatter.

This isn't much more detail than the notE3 trailer showed, mind, so at this point I'm still not quite sure how all those abilities work. Hell, Destiny 2 is obtuse enough that I'm still not entirely sure of the intricacies of some abilities I already have. So with only short snippets to see so far, I'll need to wait to judge any of them, especially when it comes to PvP - which makes up a lot of the trailer. But I am broadly well up for smashing people into shards.

The expansion will take us to Europa to fight the Fallen's new Kell Of Darkness, Eramis. Its new raid will plunge into the Deep Stone Crypt, the mysterious facility which created the Exo robopeople - whose fleeting memories of the experience never seem happy.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is due to launch November 10th on Steam. It will kick off Destiny 2's Year 4, which will see a lot of the game removed and put in the Destiny Content Vault, though a few old bits of Destiny will re-emerge - including the Cosmodrome area. Year 4 will also see Destiny finally add a transmogrification system so we don't have to sacrifice fashion for stats. Please Bungie, explain how transmog will work or give me more vault space for fashion.

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