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Destiny 2's hot new build punches raid bosses to death in seconds

Bam! Bif! Pow!

At the heart of The Dreaming City lies Riven, a vast wish-granting dragon who created this unreal world through will alone but has now been corrupted by- wait, never mind, she's been punched to death in under two seconds. Alright Guardians, next mission: inside the walls of Earth's last standing city, aliens who lost everything when their spaceorb made us its new best friends have built a giant mech which will soo- nup, also knocked out in seconds. Never mind. A hot new novelty build is doing the rounds in Destiny 2, seeing players beat bosses to death with their fists faster than any gun could kill them.

The murdercombo involves using certain items, a wee exploit, and the fleeting Solstice Of Heroes event buffs to make punches so beefy that even bosses crumple. Noted Destiny vidman "Gladd" demonstrates:

That's wild, that. If you fancy a go yourself, you will need a Hunter and some rare goodies. I'll lay them out.

  • Liar's Handshake, a pair of Exotic-rarity gloves which under certain conditions give a mighty 'counterpunch' dealing big damage and healing you. Using a cheeky glitch, you can have that buff up for every blow.
  • A shotgun with One-Two Punch, a perk which briefly boosts melee damage if all pellets hit a target.
  • Three stacks of Combination Blow, a 'Way Of The Warrior' Arcstrider Hunter melee buff gained by beating baddies to death.
  • Tractor Cannon, an Exotic shotgun which applies a damage-multiplying debuff.
  • A Striking Hand armour mod for Leviathan bosses, boosting damage after melee kills.
  • And, most importantly, a day when the Solstice event polarity is on Arc energy, which gives extra melee damage once you've collect enough orbs to activate buffs.

That is two different types of shotgun, yes, but they're purely for buffing. Firepower is nothing compared to fistpower here.

Liar's Handshake has enabled silly combo antics before, but this is a step beyond. It seems particularly wild on Riven, a boss battle most players already half-skip using a 'cheese' strategy with cluster rockets. Now this wish-granting spacedragon is downed by a bop on the nose just over a second after she pops up.

Titans may be the heavyweight boxers of Destiny, but we Hunters are a wiry bunch of bastards with all sorts of tricks up (and, with Liar's Handshake, on) our sleeves.

This won't last forever. The combo will lose a whole lot of power when the Solstice Of Heroes ends and takes its buff with it. And I'll not be too surprised if Bungie later fiddle with some of the other skills and items involved, though I will be disappointed.

It is refreshing to see something so silly at a time when the accepted 'proper' way to play most end-game PvE uses the same handful of guns and skills. Everyone's all 'Mountaintop this', 'Lunafactions that', and now the most efficient tactic is a punch to the face. Bif!

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