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Uplinked: Deus Ex 3's Hacking System

One thing we didn't write much about in our Human Revolution ultra-wittering last month was the in-game security systems, and the hacking thereof. It's an oddly tricky one to describe, a sort of a halfway house between Uplink and Pipemania. Definitely best seen rather than described, I think: and that's something you can do below, via the medium of PAX-attendee shakycam. That's a portmanteau that's always irked me slightly - it's not like it's the camera's fault it's shaking, is it? Develop stronger, more stable arms, game convention visitors. In fact, Quinns suggests we refer to it as Weakman Footage from hereon in. SO BE IT.

Anyway, hacking. And guns too!

Hacking's just a portion of this video, but I think it's probably the most chat-worthy element in terms of what has and hasn't been seen previously. Also described (the chap chatting is art director Jonathan-Jacques Belletete, by the way) are the capabilities of some of the other augs. It's PS3 footage by the way, which is obviously less than ideal for our WASD-based purposes, but this is one of those games were all information is helpful information regardless.

Ah yes, the object highlighting: I have a vague memory of seeing an option to turn it off in the preview levels I played. I may be hallucinating, but will look into it - certainly, I don't remember the stuff I saw seeming anywhere near as orangey-glinty-outliney.

DXHR is released August 25/26 (depending on which ocean you live nearest to), which is close but not close enough for my liking.

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