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Devil Daggers Summons New Skulls, Top-Down Replays

2016's best FPS gets better

New satanskulls are now roaming the darkness of Devil Daggers [official site], thanks to an update launched today. Along with new enemies, the 'V3' update has added a top-down viewing mode for replays, which makes the FPS's arena shoot 'em up stylings even clearer. It's both cool to look at and helpful, as finally I can learn about the horrors I only ever hear behind me. Also new: a Linux version.

Here, check out my current best time from a top-down perspective (please ignore the shambles when the first skullspider spawns):

That's a nice view, isn't it? Heck, I'm glad to finally discover why I died at the end there - in first-person view, all I could see was bones and I had no idea they coiled so tightly. I also like that it helps make Devil Daggers easier to follow for non-experienced players; in a first-person replay I can mostly tell what's going on everywhere by sound and suspicion, but this makes it a lot clearer. Let's all learn from our mistakes, gang, and dagger devils better than ever.

As for the new enemies in V3, they include satanspires - some big spiky obstacles that takes a good few hits to destroy - and a honking great armoured version of the flying skulltipede. Not that I'll ever meet them, behind - they only start appearing after you defeat the 'boss'.

While V2 brought a leaderboard wipe along with its new enemies, V3 is sticking to the same old scores. Presumably that's because V2's appear relatively early on, while only a few hundred players have even seen the boss. So sure, the leaderboards aren't strictly fair now but maybe here it's better to not muck around the other 25,000 active players - and it's not like any of us will beat Devil Daggers mega-champion Sojk anyway.

If you want to see the new baddies, skip to 6:30 in this run from Sojk in the V3 beta:

V3 has added more stats too, telling players numbers like how long they've survived in total across every run.

Helping run The Wild Rumpus this past weekend (context; not a plug), I bumped into old man Kieron Gillen staring at Devil Daggers. I tried goading him into playing so I could record him being awful then share it with you today and shame him in front of the world, but he rose above my childish ploy. When did he get so dignified?

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