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Devil May Cry 5's live-action placeholder cutscenes are grand


The 'Deluxe Edition' of games are usually skippable, charging an extra £10 for a handful of PDFs and MP3s and JPGs plus maybe a balance-breaking item or two. Not so with Devil May Cry 5, where your tenner will buy you the usual guff AND very special alternate cutscenes: the live-action "pre-viz" videos made with toys and cardboard props and people in scrappy costumes. These were made to help compose the final in-game cutscenes shots, and with the Deluxe Edition you'll get to play the game with the pre-viz cutscenes in all their handmade glory. Here, watch.

That is, as I imagine the kids might say, "the good stuff."

These aren't intended to be release-quality videos, of course. Such shoots are ways to choreograph and storyboard the actual cutscenes, which is easier to muck about with than doing it all inside a computer. If you can tell the cardboard box is a van, the fella wearing dog ears is a dog, and the toy Dante is, well, y'know, it's doing its job. While also looking a lot like the camcorder movies my pals made when we were young.

This old one from Devil May Cry 3's production, as posted to YouTube by the fella here playing Dante, is, as I imagine the kids might say, "too real."

Devil May Cry 5 is due to launch March 7-8th-ish, at midnight on Friday the 8th for us in the UK which is of course a different time elsewhere. It'll cost £45/€60/$60 on Steam. Capcom say the live-action cutscenes will be "available exclusively in the Deluxe Edition", which costs an extra £10, though Steam lists them as a DLC priced at £4 so it looks like we'll be able to the as separate DLC if we want.

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