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Dante's motorcycle crimes: Devil May Cry 5 released

Punch demons with a motorbike

Motorbikes become deadly weapons in Devil May Cry 5, and not in the usual way. Capcom's return to their mega-murdersome hack 'n' slash sees our lad Dante not only running over demons with his motorbike but picking it up to whack 'em over the head. That's the sort of rockin' wackiness you can now partake in, as DMC5 launched today in the wee hours.

I wasn't lying about the motorbike:

Following Ninja Theory's 2013 reboot DmC: Devil May Cry (which, I agree with our former Adam (RPS in peace), is more fun than many will tell you), Capcom have gone back to continue the original line. Dante is joined again by his nephew Nero as a second playable character, and this they're joined by a third. V, as he's simply named, is a lad who's too fancy to dirty his hands, instead having his panther, eagle, and other summons function as attacks before he slips in to deliver the coup de grâce.

"In my eyes, if a Devil May Cry game has fun, varied combat, then it has succeeded as a Devil May Cry game," young Matt said in our Devil May Cry 5 review. "It doesn’t hurt that it's also weird, full of surprises, stupendously daft and often laugh out-loud funny – though not always for the intended reasons."

Devil May Cry 5 is out now on Steam for £45/€60/$60. Sadly, while Steam does list an individual price for the DLC replacing cutscenes with delightfully scrappy live-action test scenes, that's currently only sold as part of the Deluxe Edition bundle. It's £10 extra to go Deluxe, though it looks like that DLC will one day be available on its tod for £4. And ha ha ha the only DLC Capcom are selling separately right now are packs of the orbs used to buy skills in-game. Oh you!

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