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Diablo IV reveals the rogue class

Oh hello again!

Blizzard today confirmed the fourth class for Diablo 4, a familiar scarred face. After a few years away, rogues return to the action-RPG to pling arrows, fling caltrops, and swing daggers. Certainly looking a lot livelier than she did in Diablo 1. Here, see her in action in the ha-ha-hilariously edgy new trailer.

Can't believe that priest is wasting all those ears in an earcupboard. You wanna string them together to make a belt, pal, get yourself some tidy damage reduction perks.

Rogues in Diablo IV will be able to use bows and crossbows, swords and daggers. Looks like a mix of archery and sneaky stabbing, and far more mobile than they were back in the day. She'll also be able to imbue her attacks with different elements, jazzing them up with ice and poison and such to apply secondary effects.

On the cosmetic customisation front, she'll have options ranging from the classic Sisterhood Of The Sightless Eye archer in the red leather to a sneaky rogue type with hoods and black draping like a Tumblr ninja from 2013.

BlizzConline showed more of the rogue, and gabbed about other parts of the game, in a panel:

The other classes already revealed are the barbarian, druid, and sorceress. With the rogue joining them, looks like there's still room for one more around Blizzard's campfire. They've still not said when Diablo IV will launch, but it sounds like maaaybe 2022.

Blizzard today also announced a Diablo II remaster, coming later this year with fancy new art.

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