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Digging Up Civ V: Brave New World Footage

I am saddened to admit that I am not a Civilization player. My brain does not work in that way. No matter how much I try, I just bounce off the game, and then I'm pushed out the way by mean Civ bullies who mock my tactical and diplomatic failings. It's like home economics all over again. But I'm a bigger man than those meanies, and don't begrudge Civ fans the opportunity to see the new expansion pack, A Brave New World. And I don't begrudge Revison3 the hits for the preview that I am shamelessy yoinking. Do click here, as that Sessler guy seems like a nice chap.

And with the ever-so-British pleasantries out the way, let's look at Brave New World's additions to the template. The most exciting thing is clearly the archeology. It's a tech that reveals dig sites around the map. Whenever a camp is destroyed, or a battle is fought, there's a chance that the game will generate an artefact on the tile. You'll need to build an archeologist to reveal what it is, and when you collect it, or you can set up a memorial which will raise the tile's culture while lessening other resources. A similar thing happened when Glasgow was named European city of Culture in 1992: boutique coffee shops arrived as if overnight, and the big glass bottles of Irn Bru you can buy all but disappeared from hedgerows. Man, I'd so play a Glaswegian version of Civ.

And that's as much as my brain can handle. There's 30 mins of the new expansion right here, for those with the capacity for understanding such things.

It's out July 12th.

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