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Dirt 4 screeches out

Wanna get dirrty?

Parp parp! Codemasters released Dirt 4 [official site] on Friday night, continuing the adventures of those naughty cars who like driving in the mud. If you've not played the series before, I'll explain that it's basically the teen companion to Pixar's Cars. Can Dirty Denise, Big Barry, Mudflap Mahendra, Tailpipe Tam, and Pete the Puddles win the race, save the day, and discover the true meaning of teamwork - and friendship? Watch the launch trailer for a few hints (note: no spoilers, though plenty of spoilers):

Dirt 4 continues the rally racing and has buggies and trucks too. One shiny new feature this year is the option for procedurally-generated tracks, based on parameters you can tweak. Please sir mister video game, make me one with serpentine twists through a vast forest with a 10mph speed limit.

Look at the initial Steam player reviews, arcade racing fans seem pretty pleased by and large but some Dirty Boys (as I'm sure they call themselves) who want sim racing consider it a step down from Dirt Rally, even on Dirt 4's simmiest setting.

Dirt 4 is £44.99/54,99€/$59.99 on Steam.

Be sure to stick around for the post-credits sequence. I won't give anything away, but I hear Codemasters are teasing something very big in the Dirtiverse which involves a certain tow truck last seen skidding down a ravine...

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